Curdridge Show – 15th July 2017

The day started off a bit overcast but the forecast looked hopeful. After we had all arrived we quickly set up the gazebos (which have just been brought with the grant money from South Downs. The show ground was in the heart of Curdridge by the reading rooms and there were hundreds of stalls and people, selling everything you could imagine.

We had an observation hive set up with space both sides so everyone could crowd around and try and spot the queen. There always seemed to be a buzz of people there. A demonstration hive was sat outside the front of our tent and people happily came up and asked questions about the hive. One thing that drew people in was the honey on sale. Laid out, across a table at the end of the tent, people could easily see all of the different products for sale.

There were a large number of people who were interested in beekeeping and with all their questions answered and told what they can do next, I think we may have quite a significant increase in members over winter. I even got invited back to someone’s house to see their wild bees. It was a colony that had been living in a tree trunk for over 4 years. Very interesting

Everyone that helped out really enjoyed that day. I strongly recommend that you put your name down for a show as we enjoy the regular volunteers but it would be nice to see a lot more of you, as well as to ease the job. The next show we have is the South Downs show which is the 19th and 20th August but we also need people to set up and pack up. New beekeepers, don’t feel scared to volunteer as well as you must remember you will know more than the people you are talking about, so don’t let that put you off. If you can spare even just a few hours, once in a while, please feel free to contact Jean Frost.

We hope to see you soon!