Keeping Bees is a rewarding hobby where you are always learning something new.  Tending to your bees will probably take you around 4 hours per week from April through to October. There are lots of opportunities to learn and share you experiences with other beekeepers.  Bees are wild insects and you should expect to get stung from time to time. 

If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper then we recommend that you join the Meon Valley Beekeeping Association as a country member (no bees).  We run an 8 week theory course at Warnham every January which you can attend and through the winter the association meetings are an opportunity to meet beekeepers and learn more about the craft. The theory course is followed by a 'hands on' practical course run from our association apiary.

Once you have got a feel for beekeeping and you think its for you, then you can purchase a hive and source some bees.  We will be on hand to give advice on the best option for you.   If you do not have sufficient space, time or funds to keep bees then you could volunteer to tend the bees at the Association Apiary. 

To register an interest in training please contact Jean Frost

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