ALERT - Asian Hornet

There has been a credible sighting of an Asian hornet in The Sands Farnham. The Farnham AHAT will be monitoring a bait station there from today. In the meantime, will everyone please set up bait stations or traps baited with a sweet liquid (jam, apple juice etc) and monitor them regularly. Any sightings please report to alert@farnhambeekeepers.org.uk  If possible with a photo (these insects move very fast).

Also please watch any late nectar sources such as ivy, where the hornets could be feeding on the nectar or on other insects there.

We will keep you in touch with developments. Please be vigilant – a nest was recently destroyed in Christchurch Dorset due to speedy reporting.


Any suspected Asian Hornets should be photographed and the pictures sent to alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk. The Regional Bee Inspector is Pete Davis – 07900 29216

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Hampshire Honey Show

The Hampshire Honey Show is on 19th and 20th October at Hillier’s Arboretum, Romsey.

For all beekeepers, please have your show entry in by 7th October.

The show is free to arboretum visitors, so please come along and see a fine display of honey and learn more about our precious bees and beekeeping.

Found a Swarm?

Swarm season should be well and truly over but we are still receiving calls! So if you see a honey bee swarm please phone our Swarm Co-ordinator Gill Atkins on 07951 123 365.  She will arrange for a local beekeeper to come out and collect them.