MVBKA Auction 4th May 2019

Clean up your equipment and put the date in your diary. The Catalogue will be available for download on 29th April.

For full details view the Auction Poster 

To sell items please read the Conditions of Sale, complete the Vendor Form and send to divadthompson@hotmail.com

Interested in Keeping Bees?

If you would like to learn more about keeping bees, our Bee Taster Day, training courses, or would like to join our association then we would be happy to help.

ALERT - Asian Hornet

If any Asian Hornet queens have overwintered in the UK they will be appearing now. Please keep vigilant, their nests start small and then move to trees to expand.

Any suspected Asian Hornets should be photographed and the pictures sent to alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk. The Regional Bee Inspector is Pete Davis – 07900 29216

Found a Swarm?

If you have found a swarm, please ascertain if they are honey bees – follow this link.  If you think they are honey bees then please phone our Swarm Co-ordinator Gill Atkins on 07951 123 365.  She will arrange for a local beekeeper to come out and collect the swarm for a small charge of £10 to cover costs.