We collect Swarms

honey bee swarm

If you have seen a swarm of bees that need collection, please phone our Swarm Co-ordinator Gill Atkins on 07951 123 365.

We only collect honey bees so if in doubt please use the identification on the BBKA website.

If you need advice on bees please contact us using the Enquiry form under Contact Us.

Impact of Covid

All our events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Bees are classified as livestock so all beekeepers may keep tending their bees in out apiaries and the association will continue to collect swarms.

 Please stay safe and if you need help or advice with your bees please send a message using the Enquiry Form, or message us on Facebook or message Jean directly.

Want to Buy or Sell?

 If you have bees or equipment to sell or if you want to buy please fill out an Enquiry Form  and we will advertise it on the website, on Facebook and in our monthly Newsletter.

Want to Keep Bees?

The practical training course has been cancelled this year. If you are a new beekeeper and need support please contact Jean directly or through the website Enquiry Form.
The 2021 Theory Course will start in February next year. You can register your interest using the Training Enquiry form.

Asian Hornet - a threat to bees

European Hornet (Left) Asian Hornet (Right)

The Asian Hornet is a significant risk to the honey bee and other flying insects in the UK. 

Please be vigilant and if you see a nest or the Asian Hornet (often by water sources at this time of year) then please take a photo and send to the National Bee Unit (NBU). 

We have set up an Asian Hornet Action Team (AHAT), if you would like to be part of the team please contact Gill directly or use the Enquiry Form.

To learn more about the Asian Hornet please follow the link to the BBKA Website Asian Hornet FAQs