Upcoming Winter Talks

We have a range of winter talks that will be occuring over the next few months. As members who have attended before will know, these talks and evening meetings are a great way to carry on the craft of beekeeping during the colder months of the year. The meetings are: 

2nd December 19:30 (Warnford Village Hall) – MVBKA AGM and Christmas Party

6th January 19:30 (Zoom) – Beekeeping with a Top Bar by Leanne Attrill

3rd February 19:30 (Warnford Village Hall) – Honey Show Juding hints and tips by Michele Henman

3rd March 19:30 (Zoom) – Bees and Plants by Prof Toby Pennington

28th April 19:30 (Warnford Village Hall) Queen Rearing by Anne Rowberry

Details will be sent via the newseltter and on facebook closer to the time. If you have any questions please ask. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Asian Hornet Awareness

It is the time of year where we need to start keeping an eye out for Asian Hornet queens. They will be emerging from hibernation when temepratures are consitently reaching 13°C. I know this nice weather we have currently may only be short lived but as we move further into the spring the likelihood is increasing.

 Get your cameras and binoculars ready (I now often travel with a pair of binoculars just in case). The BBKA and HBA strongly recommend the use of monitoring stations rather than killing traps. Placing these somewhere that you observe daily, such as outside the kitchen window, is key so you can avoid killing our native insects. Check the BBKA website for instructions on how to build one of these traps here. You can also download the Asian Hornet Watch App

Want to Buy or Sell?

 If you have bees, equipment or honey to sell or if you want to buy please fill out an Enquiry Form  and we will advertise it on the website, on Facebook and in our monthly Newsletter.