The History of the MVBKA

The Meon Valley Beekeepers Association was started on the 19th October 1938 by Jack Tredwell and a group of 10  other enthusiastic beekeepers. They organised a meeting on this date in Meonstoke School to look at the advantages of forming an association and the proposal was carried unanimously.

There have been many presidents of the MVBKA. The longest serving was Mrs B Trasenster who held the position from 1947 all the way until 1983 where she resigned in order for a young member to take on the role. Sid Trenchard was accepted unanimously as the next president of the association.

Over its time as a prolific association in the county of Hampshire, several trophies have been given to the association to be awarded at shows. The Appleby Trophy, Colville Cup, Trasenster Bowl, Centenary Trophy, and Tredwell Cup were all given to the association in the very first few years and members still compete for them in the present day.