Theory and Practical Course for New Beekeepers

Become a Beekeeper
We encourage everybody interested in beekeeping to become a member of a local beekeeping Association. If you do not have space for a hive then they can put you in touch with people who have available land or you can get involved with the Association Apiary.

We encourage all new beekeepers to attend a course introducing the skills and knowledge required to keep healthy bees. A theory course should be followed by a practical course to gain the confidence, skills and experience to safely handle bees.

Theory Course

In February every year, an 8 week long theory course introduces newcomers to beekeeping. Experienced and trained members from the association provide the training supported by a range of internal and external experts. The course covers bee biology, bee health, constructing hive parts, disease, obtaining bees, swarming and honey extraction. By attending you will gain enough information to set up your own hive and look after your first colony of bees. A mentor is provided to every new beekeeper

Cost – is reviewed annually and includes a beginners book and membership of the MVBKA
Venue – Warnford Hall (Directions) OR Zoom
Time – Every Tuesday from the 8th February 2022 starting at 7:00 till 9ish

Practical Course

Starting on the first Saturday in May 2022 we are running  a 6 week ‘hands on’ practical course at our Association Apiary. The course is run by experienced members of the MVBKA on a ratio of 4 to 1. The course covers all practical aspects of making frames and boxes, inspecting your bees, handling bees, identifying and catching a queen, methods of swarm control, disease identification, drone laying queens and keeping your bees healthy and safe. Below is a picture of new beekeepers as they had a fantastic time learning and gaining the confidence to set up their first hive. The next course will run in September 2021.

Cost – £75 for the full 6 weeks and includes a handbook showing month by month procedures and tasks and refreshments

Venue – Association Apiary

Time – 2.30pm for 3 hours every Saturday afternoon