Honey Show Entry Form

Meon Valley Beekeepers Association

(Affiliated to the Hampshire Beekeepers Association)

Annual Honey Show

On Saturday 7th September 2019

Judge: Michele Henman

Show Secretary: David Cleeve, 55 Old Odiham Road, ALTON, Hants, GU34 2EJ

Rules & Regulations


 If you want the entry labels returned to you prior to the Show, entries must be sent to the Show Secretary to arrive by Wednesday 4th September. Entries should be notified to the Show Secretary as soon as practicable, and before Friday 6th September. Late entries may be accepted at his discretion. Apply using the online form below or by email or phone or post (form attached).

50p per entry can be paid on the day or posted by cheque to David Cleeve.

Note – Class 17 – Any other honey cake – has changed this year to a set recipe.

Click here for Honey Cake Recipes

All Classes are open classes except Class A and Classes 27 & 28, which are restricted to MVBKA members. Class 27 & 28 novices may not have won a 1st prize at any honey show, MVBKA or otherwise.


Exhibits to be brought to the Show Secretary at the Show Ground and staged not later than 9.30am on Show day. They may be given to another MVBKA member to stage.


Exhibitors must label every exhibit with labels, provided by the Show Secretary, which must be affixed on jars to leave about half an inch (12mm) between the label and the bottom of the jar. On sections and shallow frames a label must be placed at the right hand corner of the case, with a duplicate label on the section lid or frame wood. Labels will be sent on receipt of a SAE by the Show Secretary (address above) or will be available at the Showground on show day.


Every article exhibited must be the bone-fide property of the exhibitor and the produce of the exhibitor’s own bees.


No Exhibits or any part thereof may be removed until the close of the show at 5.00 pm


Shallow frames (Class 9) must be in protected cases without lacing, and comb visible both sides.


Extracted honey must be exhibited in clear glass jars to British Standard pattern, with standard lacquered commercial screw tops (Except in classes 12, 13, 14). Extracted honey may be tested with colour glasses as specified by the British Beekeepers Association – glasses will be available at the Show.


The judge’s decision is final. The judge can withhold prizes in the case of insufficient merit. Exhibitors may make more than one entry in a class, but no single entry may be shown in more than one class, and an exhibitor shall not be entitled to more than one prize in any one class. Joint owners shall not be entitled to more than one award in any one class. Joint owners are not allowed to make separate entries. Special prizes and trophies can only be awarded to MVBKA members and associates. Points will be awarded:- 5 for first prize, 4 for second, 3 for third, 2 for highly commended and 1 for commended.


Prize Money: £5.00 for first prize, £3.00 for second prize, £1.00 for third prize.

£5 for the best exhibit by an MVBKA novice.


All ordinary care will be taken with exhibits, but the Association cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained by any exhibitor in any way.


Sales of honey in the tent may only be made from the Association sales table. Only exhibitors who are members of MVBKA may sell honey or bee-related products. 10% commission will be deducted from any monies received.

To enter please complete and submit the form below, a copy of your entry will be emailed to you for your records:

MVBKA Annual Honey Show Entry Form

MVBKA Annual Honey Show Entry Form

Please click on the boxes next to the classes that you would like to enter, fill in your name and contact details at the end and then hit ‘submit’ to send in your show entry to the Show Secretary.

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Download the Honey Cake Recipes

If you prefer to post in your entry here is a link to the form.                                                                      


Tredwell Cup  – awarded for the most points in classes 1-14. Winner 2018: M Asplett and C Palgrave

Trasenster Bowl – awarded for the best exhibit in show. Winner 2018: D and H Cleeve, for Class 2

Colville Cup – awarded for the most points in classes 1-4. Winner 2018: D and H Cleeve

Appleby Trophy – awarded to the winner of Class 8. Winner 2018: Melvyn Asplett

Centenary Trophy  – awarded to the winner of Class A: Winner 2018: D and H Cleeve

Jack Pugh Shield – awarded for the most points in the wax classes. Winner 2018:  D and H Cleeve

Sid Trenchard Trophy – awarded to the winner of class 9: Winner 2018: John Lauwerys

Confectionery Trophy – awarded for the most points in classes 16-20: Winner 2018: Fleur Bassett

Novice Prize – awarded for best entry in classes 27-28. Winner 2018: Paul Frost