National Honey Show

The show was held for the second year at Sandown Park, Esher. The venue is very good with plenty of room for the honey show and the trade stands. As usual the honey show was of a very high standard and as Tom Seeley was giving four of the lectures, well worth the entry fee of £20 for the weekend. I met up with Leanne and Sue on Friday; Leanne won Best in Show at our recent honey show so was awarded a Blue Ribbon, giving her free entry to the show. I know that they both enjoyed the lectures they went to as well.

One class in the honey show that always interests me is for a device that helps beekeepers in their apiary. Sometimes they are very complicated bits of kit, far too ingenious for me to make or even describe to anyone. This year, however, I was particularly taken with the idea of magnetic mouse guards; those things are always fiddly to fix on, often drop off and require a bit of banging on the hive.  All that seems to be required is small magnets on a brood box and a standard mouse guard. What a good idea – maybe one for our apiary.

The Honey show and accompanied lectures are always good value and as the event is close enough to travel each day, I am always surprised that I don’t see more of our members – maybe next year.

Here is a link to the Lecture Videos: