Useful Links

Useful Links

BeeBase Registration

Beebase is an invaluable resource for beekeepers that is run by the National Bee Unit. BeeBase is part of the network of information available to help and guide beekeepers, it is also there to help you take the necessary action to protect your colonies from any known disease outbreaks in your area. When you are registered, the NBU can alert you to any disease outbreaks and arrange to inspect your colonies if necessary.

British Beekeepers Association

The place to go for all advice and information on keeping bees in the UK.

Hampshire Beekeepers Association

British Bee Veterinary Association

Find out about bee health, diseases, and pests.

National Bee Unit

East Surrey Bees

To buy bees and for beekeeping courses.

Thornes of Stockbridge

To buy bee equipment

Beckys Bees

To buy bees, mated queens and equipment


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